1. Shelter

From the recording Shelter - Single

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Lyrics are Simple, Concept is Deep. I wanted to take a different approach to writing Shelter. This past year I've been very reflective and nostalgic. Watching old home movies and being reminded of why the "good old days" were so good, and how what happened from then to now has shaped me and helped me become a better, more mature and complete person.

Shelter is a song that I created for my older sister. The meaning behind the cover art visual and lyrics is a parallel of when we were both young, and she always would "protect" me or give me "shelter" from the yelling and shouting when my parents argued in the house when we were growing up. Though I remember the yelling and shouting, she comforted me, and made sure I wasn't focused on it, and could continue playing.

That's a tough topic to write a catchy song about, and so I thought I would ask my Fans and my Friends/Family what "Shelter" means to them. I got tons of different answers, almost no two answers were the same. So I thought about my track, and considered telling the deep story about those days with my sister growing up, hoping people could relate to it. I'm glad I changed my mind, and stuck with the hook "You were my shelter, you gave me shelter" as the only lyrical content in the track. It makes it more applicable and malleable to the listener to relate and feel the emotion in their own ways.

Thanks for Listening & Reading!
- Grem